About Us

Baba Montreux

Hi! It’s me – born in the autumn of 2010 in Switzerland. I am a product of this generation, where the world is a melting pot of countries and cultures, where identities sometimes get lost in translation! My folks, however, are bringing me up hoping I will be true to that part of the globe where they are from, no matter the world – an Indo-Lankan at heart! They are also hoping that I will grow up taking the best the world has to offer, to blossom into an amalgamation of good values and views, i.e. to love humans and respect humanity. Now that seems a tall order, that I certainly will aim for!

To follow in these pages, are memoirs of our footsteps… memoirs and milestones scribbled by Mama and Papa as they take a journey with me, them teaching me the A to Zs of this life and them from me, learning and unlearning to be parents!

Along the way, there will also be those general passionate entries from Mama or Papa. I should warn you that Mama is an ardent writer who sometimes will get carried away with her emotions. Papa is more of a straightforward writer but outrageous at times with his elaborate views on life! Together they do tend to get carried away at times. I am hoping though that with me, things will stay as a matter-of-fact as possible! Yes, I too hope to join at a later date…

Hi! It’s me – born in the spring of 2015 in Geneva. We moved to UK in 2017 and have been trying to settle in with my mum also starting work. I just turned 5 and am a passionate idol of my brother but also a fierce competitor!

2 Responses to About Us

  1. tarunsarwal says:

    Lovely stuff, brings back memories!! Mum is also learning like a sponge.

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